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Natural presentation skills workshops, coaching and talks

Develop the skills you need to plan, structure and deliver a clear and impactful presentation, without nerves and in your own natural style

If you’re a student, an academic, a business or a non-profit that needs to persuade, inform, influence or sell, it’s likely that you’ll have to deliver a presentation or two in your career.

We don’t believe in tricks and gimmicks, and tailor our approach to ensure that you get what you need out of your training.

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Content, formats & language

What we cover

We offer training and coaching to help you:

  • Overcome nerves and present with clarity in front of any sized group
  • Reduce reliance on notes – simply glance down at our revolutionary ClearConstruct® plan during your presentation and you’ll be on your way
  • Develop confidence in your own natural style through continual practise, feedback and refinement
  • Incorporate strong messages with our unique KeyMessage process
  • Use stories and analogies to engage your audience, bring your facts and figures to life, and to drive interest and action
  • Learn how to deal with different styles of listening and learning, using language that appeals to a range of styles
  • Build skills in managing your audience and in dealing with audience questions

We don’t believe in tricks and gimmicks, and tailor our approach to ensure that you get what you need out of your training.

Formats available
  • 1-2 day inhouse workshops for teams and conferences
  • 30-45 minute keynote
  • 1-to-1 coaching sessions

We offer our storytelling workshops, coaching and talks in English. On request, it may be possible to offer this in a mix of English and German.

For native English-speakers, this means that you learn how to plan, structure and deliver presentations in a global English that native speakers and non-native speakers alike will understand.

If English is your second (or third, fourth, fifth!) language, this means that you will develop the skills to both plan and deliver a presentation confidently in English to a broad audience of English-speakers, with minimal nerves and without resorting to reading from your slides.

All the skills you learn will be transferable to other languages, too.


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