Taking ideas to the next level.

Start with Story sits at the intersection of stories, ideas and communication, helping people, businesses and non-profits with:

  • Brainstorming and idea-generation
  • Creative execution – branding, digital solutions, graphic design, marketing
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Cultural intelligence and intercultural awareness

The business is an amalgamation of the unique skills and expertise of Suzanne Whitby, bringing together her prowess as a professional brainstormer with her years of working with stories and communication.

No matter where you are in the life-cycle of your idea, I can help you refine your thoughts and take your ideas the next level.

If you’re just getting started, I can help you generate ideas and flesh out good ideas.

Once you have your great idea, we can help you share your idea with the world, helping your build your brand, web presence and putting a marketing strategy in place.

When your idea gains traction and you’re asked to present and speak about it in public, I can help you develop natural presentation skills, so that you can inform, influence, persuade or sell.

And when you’re ready to “go global” with your idea or you need to work with a multi-cultural team or audience, I can help you develop your cross-cultural skills so that your intercultural interactions are successful interactions.

You can meet the face behind the business or simply get in touch.

Behind the business

Suzanne Whitby is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and trainer with a passion for stories, ideas, creativity and communication.

She started her career in the corporate world as a programmer then moved into project management and technical programme management in the Information Technology sector. Her roles changed and evolved and soon she was helping with product development, branding and creative, account management, and running regular communication skills workshops and learn-at-lunch sessions in-house.

In 2003 she left the corporate world, initially working as an independent communication skills trainer and project management consultant, before starting her first business, a successful creative and marketing agency with offices in the UK, the USA and South Africa.  In 2010, she started a new initiative in the USA based on her many years of living in 6 countries across 4 continents, and working in many more, offering a mix of communication skills training, presentation skills workshops and cross-cultural facilitation.

In 2017, she brought her diverse set of skills, experience and expertise together to form Whitbys in her present home in Austria.

When Suzanne isn’t working with clients at Start with Story, she is a professional storyteller and voice over talent, and she works on her never-ending stream of ideas, which at this point include Illume, Kreativer Konnex, Frauen Power Tirol, Living Innsbruck and others that are still under development!

In her free time, she is an avid reader, a writer, a fish-hugger, a scuba diver, an entertainer, a community builder, a walker and world traveller who does her best to live simply and sustainably. She lives in Innsbruck with her husband.

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