Keynotes and talks

Something different. Something useful. For conferences, meetings and events.

Keynotes and talks are tailored to the audience and the event. We talk about stories, communication, and culture, and how to harness the power of narrative to provoke thought, drive action or simply engage.

Here is a sample of some of the keynote topics available, to give you an idea of what to expect.


Stories organisations tell:

How the stories that are already embedded in your organisation are defining your future, and how changing the stories and lead to success – or failure.


Stories that stick:

We instantly forget significant information. But what if you can make your message more memorable by using “sticky stories”?


Tea and biscuit science:

How to use narrative to make complex information accessible to lay people without “dumbing it down”.


Underestimating the iceberg:

Our cultural values are defined by the stories we’ve been told and the stories we continue to tell. In this keynote, gain a better understanding of culture and stories, and how to navigate the waters of culture to better communication.

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