Pitch an idea

Helping business owners and entrepreneurs persuade, convince and drive action

The perfect pitch is short, to the point and engaging enough to stir interest or drive action

You’re an entrepreneur with a great idea. Or a professional introducing yourself to some important new contacts. Or a student hoping for a place on a fabulous PhD programme. Or an academic presenting a project proposal to a decision-maker at a funding body.

What do all the above have in common? A short period of time to communicate a message that results in a positive action – funding or new contacts or a place at a university.

We’ve distilled the perfect pitch into 6 key elements. Learn to inform, influence, persuade or sell – yourself or an idea – in 180 seconds.

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Content, formats & language

Formats available
  • 2-4 hour workshops for teams and conferences
  • 30-45 minute keynote
  • 1-to-1 coaching sessions
  • short talks and interactive workshops for high schools, especially with a focus on business or entrepreneurship

We’ll teach you how to craft and deliver the perfect pitch in English.

For native and non-native English speakers alike, this means using a clear, accessible form of English in a concise manner to deliver your message in a short period of time, confidently. 180 seconds isn’t long, so every word counts!

All the skills you learn will be transferable to other languages, too.


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