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Everything that I do is about helping you communicate more effectively with international audiences to boost your brand and business globally.

I can help you on a purely strategic level, or I can roll up my sleeves and implement plans and strategies. If you want to build new skills in your organisation, then take advantage of my knowledge sharing & training

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“Sticky” Strategies

I can help you review your international communication strategy to make sure that it’s working for you and your audience, and if it’s not, I can help you re-frame your marketing and communication strategy to make it stick.

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Branding & Identity

If your brand isn’t quite as sharp as you’d like it to be, I can help you review, revise, and embed your brand strategy in your organisation, then help you incorporate your identity in all your international communication.

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Planning & Implementation

Different audiences need different marketing plans and channels. I can help you plan your marketing and communication for your international audiences, and once you’re happy, turn plans into practical activities that we can implement successfully.

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Content Marketing

No matter how good your connections are, or how beautiful your website or print materials happen to be, if your content is rubbish, you’ll struggle to engage your audience. I start your content marketing by understanding what story you want to tell and what action you want to encourage, then write compelling content that readers love.

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Digital & Online

Although print is not dead, being able to communicate effectively through digital channels, online, and through your website is crucial. I combine an intrinsic knowledge of successful online communication with practical skills and can help you build or manage a website, create online marketing strategies, and create buzz around your brand in the digital world.

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Social Media Marketing

Once thought to be a bit of a joke, social media marketing now needs to be a visible part of your brand if you want to reach a global audience. I can help you assess your channels, find the right channels for your business, and populate them with content that followers want to share.

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Knowledge Sharing & Training

A strong business is one that communicates well. That’s why I love nothing more than sharing my knowledge through seminars, workshops, and training programmes. From “how to write” to “presentation skills”, and “intercultural training” to “social media training”, I can help up-skill your team from the inside.

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Meeting Facilitation

Your organisation is full of good ideas, but sometimes these ideas are hidden. The reasons for this may be complex, but whatever they are, my professional facilitation can engage your team, manage different personalities, encourage the sharing of ideas and information, and identify practical action points to drive things forward.

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Kind words
from clients

“Suzanne is quick to understand the nature, needs and vision of your business. Her proposals are well thought through and she is clear and concise in explaining her service offerings. Suzanne is very creative in her suggestions, has a flexible approach and is without a shadow of doubt one of my favourite people to work with.”

Nadine Dereza

International facilitator, media trainer & author

“Words fail me when it comes to talking about Suzanne, which is a little unusual because I’m a copywriter! But I’ve worked with an awful lot of communication companies over the years and can honestly say she stands head and shoulders above the others in so many ways. I struck gold when I found her.”

Marilyn Messik

Owner of Create Communication & Author

“Having worked with Suzanne for the last 6+ years I can categorically say that she is the most talented person I’ve met. She has a razor sharp mind and can turn an initial seed of an idea into a brilliant and effective communication solution. Suzanne has many, many loyal customers and you can’t achieve this without delivering high quality work time after time.”

Daryl Seyforth


“Suzanne is simply brilliant. I’ve worked with her for many years on a variety of communications projects. She is sharp, smart, wonderful to work with and is my first choice on major projects. She regularly surpasses all my – already high – expectations, and clients and contacts alike respond well to her communications. ”

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Coach, speaker, author

“I can’t speak highly enough of Suzanne and her work – indeed, I’ve already recommended her to several people in person who are also delighted with her services. She is responsive, personable and insightful. In working with her, what I particularly valued was her ability to combine a deep understanding of her clients’ brand with solutions. ”

Liz Gooster

Business coach & consultant

“Creative and technically super savvy, working with Suzanne is a always a great process. She brings extensive experience, knowledge, commitment and care. Her ability to quickly grasp our approach and requirements and offer practical, functional solutions is the perfect support. ”

Katie Mutton

Owner of international Yoga Training franchise

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