Who we help

Be heard. Drive action. Start with story.

Making change happen by starting with story

We work with people who want to make change happen – for the good.

Our clients include professionals, students, academics, businesses, social enterprises, entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations who want to harness the power of stories to engage and excite and inform and drive action.

We work 1-to-1 and with groups, delivering workshops, coaching and talks, and offer talks and shorter workshops for conferences and working group meetings.

As adults, we’ve made a bit of a mess of the world, and the generations below us will have to come up with bright ideas and solutions to make the world a good place for them and their families. That’s why we also offer short and simple introductory talks and workshops for schools, our rationale being that the earlier children start to develop communication skills that start with stories and narratives, the better they’ll be able to drive positive change.

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