Work across cultures

Cross-cultural and cultural intelligence workshops, training and coaching.

Learn how the stories we grow up with – those of identity, history, ideas, nationality and self – influence how we work and think, and use this knowledge to work effectively in cross-cultural environments.

If you’ve ever worked in a multi-cultural team, lived or worked abroad, or do business with people from different countries, you’ll know that not everyone views the world in the same way. This applies even when people share the same language – the Swiss Germans, Germans and Austrians have some similarities in the way they work, but they also have differences that can cause friction and communication challenges if ignored.

In English, we call this being “separated by a common language”!

The challenges can increase the more diverse the team.

To help you overcome this, we offer cultural intelligence workshops for teams and conference break-out sessions that can also include a simple online assessment, as well as talks, keynotes and and 1-to-1 cultural intelligence coaching.  You’ll develop a better awareness of cultural differences, and learn how to “surf the waves”, communicate better, developer stronger relationships and get more done.

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Formats & language

Formats available
  • 2-4 hour workshops for groups, teams and conferences
  • cultural intelligence assessments and explanations
  • 30-45 minute keynote
  • 1-to-1 coaching sessions
  • short talks and interactive workshops for high school students

Our cultural intelligence workshops talks and coaching programmes are offered exclusively in English. This is not because we’re arrogant English speakers, but rather because English is often the common language used when groups of people from different cultures get together to work or engage.

We use a form of global English to ensure maximum understanding and learning, and teach you how to use global English techniques when communicating across cultures in English.


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